meet life and recovery coach Shane


About Shane...

Shane Montgomery is a certified life and recovery coach with a background in evangelical church leadership. He began his journey of recovery from sex, love, and pornography addiction in 2009. He is a active in a Twelve Step Fellowship where he does service work through sponsoring others in recovery, chairing meetings, setting up chairs, and volunteering on the fellowship’s Inner Group Service Board. He has two children and two grandchildren (with one on the way!). He enjoys his view of Lake Conway, good coffee, discussions about theology, spending time with his grandchildren and promotes recovery from a spiritual perspective in his faith community. He also involved in helping LGBTQ people accept who they are, heal from abusive religious communities, reconnect with a God who is crazy about them and begin to see their sexual orientation as a vital, healthy expression of their unique design. 


Shane shared his personal story of recovery in an issue of The Journal, a publication for those in recovery from sex, love, and pornography addiction. You can read it here.