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What is Wellness Coaching?

What if what you put in you body, was just as important as what you put in your mind?

Do you feel like you are a slave to a number on a scale or the size hidden in the label of your jeans? I can relate! I have battled my weight most of my life and personally know the impact a negative self image has on a persons spirituality and emotional growth. I discovered that the use of food and inactivity was very similar to addiction - I used it to medicate in an effort to avoid painful emotions and dealing with fears. 

I was not content in remaining a victim. I made the choice to begin to change my life physically so it synced up with the change I was experiencing as I recovered from addiction and an abusive religious community. My breakthrough came when I contacted my own wellness coach  and  followed  the  simple  plan  we  designed  together  to  get  me  where  I  wanted  to  be  regarding  my  physical  goals.  

As a result, I  began  to  see  my  body  change  as  I  dropped  fat,  built  muscle,  had  more  energy  and  saw  my  metabolic  age  decrease from  77  down  to  54  as  of  today.  The combination of eating the right things, supplementing my diet with healthy shakes and energy teas, and one-on one Coaching has made a difference! Now  I want to empower you to find you way out of the challenges of using food, inactivity, and negative self talk to escape. 

As your wellness coach, I will help you make positive and lasting changes to your health. I will guide you through the process of creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy thinking pattern and healthy routines, and encouraging you through the process of accomplishing your goals.

If  you  want  to  feel  better,  have  more  energy,  and  in  the  process  lose  weight  and  build  muscle,  you  are  in  the  right  place!  Check  out  the  first  step  by  clicking  the  “Send  Me  My  3-Day  Trial  Pack” button  on  this  page.  I  will  send  you  a  link  to  a  video  which  will  explain  how  to  begin  your  wellness  journey  and  then  I  will  contact  you  to  start  the  process!

Weight Loss Disclaimer

People who use Herbalife® Formula 1 twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around half a pound to 1 pound per week. 

Step One Toward Wellness

The  first  step  on  your  wellness  journey  begins  with  a  three  day  trail  pack! This  package  includes  enough  meal/protien  shakes , metabolism  booster  supplements,  and  instructions  on  healthier  meal  choices  for the  three  day  period.  

By  clicking  the  button  below  you  will  be  sent  a  weblink  to  a  video  about  the  three  day  trial  packet  and  how  to  use  it.  Then  Shane  will  contact  you  to  get  you  started   on  your  journey  toward  being  a  healthier  you!