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Feel like you live in a fish bowl and can't ask for help?

I can relate. 

As a former evangelical pastor with an addiction to sex, love, and pornography, I understand the creeping fear and isolation that disconnects us from our families, our churches, and our Higher Power. The endless cycle of acting out, repent, try to abstain, and then relapse is all to familiar! How can a clergy person get the hope and help they need to recover?

Let me help!

I am energized by working with pastors, priest, worship leaders, student ministries pastors, and others who have a genuine desire to change. I offer confidential group and individual coaching that is especially designed for those in vocational ministry positions. I offer dignity, acceptance, and grace in the context of rigorous honesty while empowering each person to move their efforts to restore their spiritual and emotional health.

If you are a clergy person with an addiction issue - drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, co-dependency, whatever - then the best choice you can make is to contact me for a free, one hour introductory coaching session. Recovery Coaching for those in ministry offers a path to be the same person in private as you are in the pulpit.

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