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Shane Montgomery, certified recovery and life coach.

I have been where you are...

Chances are, if you are looking at this site, you are exactly where I was not so long ago - desperate for answers to the seemingly overwhelming shame and guilt that comes from being a clergy person with a secret. Well good news, there is hope because I have experienced it myself.

In 2009 I was a respected evangelical pastor with a secret life of addiction to pornography. Because sex, love and pornography addiction is a progressive disease, I eventually broke every boundary I established. I was exposed when my private life was laid bare for all to see.  As a result, I lost my marriage, my standing in the community, my church leadership position, my income, and for a time, my freedom. I thought my life was over.

In reality it was finally beginning. I discovered that the pathway back to sanity was available to me through a spiritual (not religious) path for recovery. In the winter of 2009 I entered treatment for sex; love, and pornography addiction and began my journey back to reality and a life of health and sanity.

Now my mission in life is to reclaim my reputation as an honorable man by being a blessing to my family, friends, and community. My higher power has given me the opportunity to lock arms with others like me and share the journey of recovery with them. I now know what my highest calling in life is - the sharing of my experience, strength, and hope with impaired clergy and rooting them on to a whole, healthy life.

I hope that we can partner together to see hope birthed in the ashes of addiction!

Shane Montgomery

Fall 2018

NOTE: Augustine Coaching Group is not endorsed by or affiliated with Augustine Fellowship or Sex and Love addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.) in any way.


“In recovery circles, our particular and often painful experiences in the past can become the substance and grist that we use in our work with others. My close association with Shane Montgomery has been beneficial in helping me integrate and use my own life experiences in assisting others do the work of recovery.”

Stewart H.



Certified Recovery Coach

Connecticut Community for

Addiction Recovery (CCAR)


Certified Life Coach

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Member in good standing with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)